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We all have them, and for businesses those dreams need to translate into results.
Is your business dream to be more productive? To stay connected while on the road? To attract more customers?

We have a dream, and it is to help you realize yours.

What We Do

DreamForge offers a wide range of IT, Marketing and Design services to help other small to medium sized businesses increase productivity and sales. We can streamline your networks, maintain, build or expand your computer infrastructure, and protect your valuable data.

We can also improve your company's image, help you to attract more customers, establish your online presence, and develop a marketing strategy to increase your sales.

Contact us for a free consultation and let us help make your business dreams a reality!

Contact Us

IT Services

Nicolas MacPherson, Partner
Creative Services

Samantha MacPherson, Partner
500 Tecumseh Road East, PO Box 28005 Windsor, ON N8X 5E4

Creative Services

We know what your business dreams about... customers... lots and lots of customers, on your phone and through your door. How do you make that dream a reality? We know the secret. A clear, creative and concise vision that informs your potential clients of what you do, and why they should choose your business over others.

Not sure where to start? Don't worry! We'll identify your needs and work with you in the following ways:

Project Management

Businesses need an expert to design and execute their plan. Providing interim support and keeping projects on schedule and under budget will save time and money.

Strategic Marketing Services

Working with a business to develop a focused and flexible strategy that accounts for every dollar invested will provide measurable results leading to increased sales and dominance of a targeted market niche.

Corporate Branding

Company image is everything. More than just a logo, a brand will improve public recognition and awareness as well as ensure a consistent tone throughout marketing and sales materials.

Graphic Design Services

Not all design is equal. Finding a talented Graphic Designer that will use color theory, balance and photo-manipulation to convey a specific message to a targeted audience in any medium is instrumental to a businesses corporate branding.

Professional Print Coordination

Even with the most detailed files, working with a print shop can be tricky. One small oversight could be catastrophic and result in lost time and money. Having a professional on hand to oversee the process will ensure the job is done properly the first time.

Web Design Services

Does your business need a website? Or do you already have one that could use some updating? Let us work with you to optimize your presence on the web.


DreamForge Creative Services are billed at a competitive $60.00/hour, quoted as a flat rate based on the estimated time to completion for the type of work requested. Estimates include a reasonable amount to time for client changes. Additional client changes after the allotted time is consumed are charged by the hour.

IT Services

Technology has become indispensable to business, but if things aren't working properly you can lose valuable time and money. Most businesses simply can't afford to hire full-time IT personnel, and that's where DreamForge can help. At a fraction of the cost, we can keep your business running smoothly and efficiently in the following ways:

Computer Systems Consultations

Are the computers in your office becoming a little out-dated? Are they running slowly? We can investigate your current systems and see what options are available to extend the life of your computer investment, or work with you to find the best upgrade options that fit in your budget.

Telecommuting and Remote Access Consulting/Support

Are there some days you wish you could work from home? We can work within your current setup to provide on the road, always-available connectivity to your office from a home desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

On-site Support Services

DreamForge offers rapid-response on-site service to troubleshoot, repair, and maintain your office computers, networks and software to minimize any work interruptions and improve productivity.

Computer Repair and Maintenance

Computer won't start up in the morning? Constant crashes or slow performance? We can inspect your computer to identify damaged or defective components, or offer upgrade solutions to increase the performance and extend the life of your current computer.

Server Configuration and Upgrades

Do you operate a server in your office? Wouldn't you like to have someone regularly monitoring it for any signs of trouble before it happens? DreamForge can work with you to make sure your server systems are up to date and offer non-business hours scheduling of maintenance to minimize work interruptions.

Data Backup Administration and Coordination

Lets face it, your data is everything, and losing it could cause irreparable harm to your business. We will work with you to make sure that your data is backed up and secure so that you never lose what matters most.

Network Configuration and Design

Do you want your computers networked? Do you already have a network that isn't working the way it should? We can investigate your current infrastructure, identify problems, and offer solutions to optimize the flow of data in your office.

Software Support and Training

Applications common to most businesses are always upgrading to newer versions, adding new features, and altering how these programs are utilized. Having someone who can break down and instruct the most efficient method to operate these programs, as well as troubleshoot errors and coordinate with the developers can reduce the strain on employees and increase overall productivity.

Smartphone/Tablet Configuration and Support

We all love our BlackBerry, iOS, and Android devices. But wouldn't you like to do more with them? Wouldn't you like to know what they're truly capable of? DreamForge can assist you in making your Smartphone or Tablet device into another great productivity tool in your business toolbox.


DreamForge IT Services are billed at a competitive $80.00/hour, rounded to the nearest quarter-hour. Billing starts upon dispatch to your location (or receipt of a support call in remote instances), and ends when the problem has been resolved.